When packing for a recent gig, I noticed I was carrying way too much shiz in my bag. I was familiar with the venue’s booth, but something always tells me to be prepared, just in case. Bad cables, missing adapters, poor lighting – who knows?

I splurged on a dedicated MONO EFX 365 bag. It comfortably seats my Macbook, APC40, audio interface, headphones and more cables than I know what to do with. The padded straps are really nice, and the zipper pockets make setup and breakdown a snap. Just a heads-up: because of its size, this bag does draw some attention – read: the construction and detail really screams “steal me.” Be careful.

Below I’ve assembled a collection of items that I typically bring to gigs. Yes, it’s a crazy amount, and most of it hardly ever gets used. But, some of these items have been absolutely clutch. Would love to hear from you: comment below if I’ve forgotten any must-haves, and I’ll make sure they’re included.


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